Business Law

Caswell & Cannon handles all types of business matters, specializing in, among other things, business and real property law. Our services range from the mundane, i.e., the formation of business entities and assisting you to get your business off of the ground, to the sophisticated, such as mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, credit lines and so on.

We can help you buy or sell property or a business. We can help you lease a space for your business. We can prepare simple promissory notes for you or secure loans you give against the borrower’s property or other assets. Caswell & Cannon has been involved in the acquisition and development of real property, both residential and commercial, and has been directly involved in the acquisition and development of resorts in the United States.

Here at Caswell & Cannon, we have a wide-ranging base of clients. Some of our clients are in the construction industry. We also represent a significant number of doctors, dentists and other medical professionals with their business needs. We represent general contractors, concrete and masonry subcontractors, electrical contractors, flooring businesses, and developers. We represent landlords and we represent commercial tenants. We have helped clients through the permitting process, applications for liquor licenses with the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, and negotiated leases on behalf of landlords and tenants. We represent both large and small franchisors and franchisees. We represent and have represented entertainment venues, clubs, and restaurants. We represent some of the top pool designers in the world, as well as the top international designer of haute couture eye wear.

If you have need of legal assistance of any type with your business or real estate matters, we are certain that we can help and look forward to your call.